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"Finding your site was a true blessing. Upon signing up I had difficulty logging on and called for assistance. Not only did the nice gentleman help solve my log-on problems, he was kind enough to talk to me about my preparations for the exam . . .the 'proper' way to gather information for the exam and it made a world of difference. I passed the clinical sims last week and am now a RRT. Cost of attending another company's 3 day seminar $300, cost to take the exam $200, finding Tutorial Systems and receiving one-on-one care — PRICELESS!"
- Kedra S., Atlanta, GA

Online Respiratory Therapy Reviews

  • NEW CRT/RRT Review
    Our NEW 21-chapter CRT/RRT Review sets the "Gold Standard" in the marketplace. User-friendly, color format allows quick access to all important topic areas  for the new credentialing examinations, preparing you equally well for both the TMC and CSE examinations.

Online Practice Examinations

  • TMC Examination A
    140-question, Therapist Multiple Choice practice examination.
  • TMC Examination B
    140-question, Therapist Multiple Choice practice examination.
  • RRT Clinical Simulations
    Choose from our library of 40 simulation problems ( 2 complete 20-problem SIM exams).