How do I cancel?

You must be logged in as a member to cancel. Then, if you wish to cancel click here to go to the Customer Service Page

Can I E-mail my credit card number to Tutorial Systems?

Do not E-mail your credit card number to Tutorial Systems. This is an unsecured process. Only send credit card information through our secure online purchase form. Please look for the secure lock on your browser.

How is the billing information displayed on my bank statement?

This information appears next to the website's transaction on your account billing statement. You should find our name, Tutorial Systems, Inc., along with our phone number on your statement. If you do not see this on your statement, then we are not billing you.

What are the terms and conditions of my subscription?

Tutorial Systems requires that all websites for which we perform billing disclose the following: price, length of subscription, and whether or not the subscription will rebill a customer. If your credit card or bank account is being rebilled, it is because you chose a rebilling price option offered by the website. The pricing terms and conditions may vary by website, but Tutorial Systems' terms and conditions are standard.
Tutorial Systems' terms and conditions page is posted on the website to which you have subscribed. Please note that this information is also available on Tutorial Systems' website:

Tutorial Systems Payment Processing Terms and Conditions

How do I look up my account information?

You may view your account information, change your password, or cancel your account on the Customer Service Page or by clicking on My Account. Click here to go to the Customer Service Page.

My credit card does not work. Why?

Tutorial Systems accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Unless otherwise noted in the list below, approvals and denials are generated by the Processor. The following are common error messages when a credit card cannot be processed:

Card Declined at Pre-Auth (generated by Tutorial Systems)
Card rejected; considered high risk based on address verification, usage patterns and history. Make sure that the address you listed corresponds to your billing address with your credit card company. A history of chargebacks and refund requests will result in your card being blocked for many Internet sales.
Invalid Fields (generated by Tutorial Systems)
User submitted invalid information or a card number or card type not supported.
Exceeded Usage Limits
Credit card shows excessive usage. Even if you still have credit left on your credit card, you may receive this message if you have used it for multiple Internet transactions in the same day. The same may be approved later.
Sale Declined By Credit Card Network
Sale was rejected by the banking network. Try the card again later; blocks by the network are usually resolved/removed in a day or so.
Incorrect address provided
The address is compared with the one you provided with what your bank has on file. If these do not match, your bank may not accept the charge.
Card Declined - Blocked
Card blocked by processor at either the customer's request or for fraudulent usage, etc.
Declined Due to Chargebacks
Card shows a previous chargeback history. A card with a chargeback history will not be accepted.

I received a warning message that the page is unsecured. What does this mean?

The certificates in your web-browser have expired. Many older versions of web-browsers have this problem. While a security window will prompt you making it appear that the page is not secure, it is actually a problem within your browser. To correct this problem, download the latest version of your browser. You can find more information about this by going to

I keep getting errors on the signup page. What can I do to resolve this?

Our system is very sensitive and we require complete information for each field. You must use your name as it appears on your credit card and your billing address where you receive your credit card statement. If you live in a foreign country, and you do not have a state, simply type "xx".

I double clicked the mouse button when selecting submit. Will I be billed twice?

No, our system has safeguards that prevent you from submitting a successful signup more than once in rapid succession.

What is a member ID?

The 8-character member ID is used for billing purposes of your Tutorial Systems account.

What is a cvv2 code and where is this located?

CVV2 is a number that is located on the backside of your credit card. The number is usually displayed following the last four digits of your account number.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express worldwide.