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By providing our courses and tests exclusively online, we avoid expensive printing, travel and seminar costs, savings which are passed directly to you in the form of the BEST exam preparation for the CRT and RRT credentials at the LOWEST price!

COMPARE Tutorial Systems Kettering National Seminars
Price $19.95

Regular 30-day monthly membership, may cancel at anytime.

3-day Seminar
Method Interactive online (Internet) with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access during membership. 3-day Seminar with live lectures. Tokens* included for online exam practice.
Pass Rate 96% Not disclosed
Content 21-Chapter CRT/RRT Review. Targets official TMC and CSE content for current credentialing examinations. Review is online. Study Guide includes CRT/RRT information for both TMC and CSE exams. Accompanying Workbook contains questions and exercises. Study Guide and Workbook are in book form.
Clinical Simulations
40 online, interactive Clinical Simulations – unlimited use during membership.
9 Instructional Simulations in Clinical Simulation book – limited one-time use involving latent-imaging, a testing method last used for official credentialing exams in 1999. See also Tokens* listed below.
Practice Tests 1 Pre-test (available in Free Stuff)
2 Full-length TMC Practice Exams
1 Pre-test
1 Full-length Practice Exam
See also Tokens* listed below.
* Tokens No tokens required.

All practice tests and clinical simulations are included in membership price and have unlimited online use and access during membership.
10 Tokens included.

Additional token purchase required to complete all available question modules and Clinical Simulations.

Website indicates best value token package: purchase 15 get 15 Free = 30 tokens for $75.

One token allows online access to one question module, or one Clinical Simulation. Once used, each token’s access expires after 2 weeks.

Available for online practice:
10 CRT 15-question modules
10 RRT 15-question modules
32 Clinical Simulations (as of June, 2015)